Rockstar Teases GTA Online Casino Heist

Rockstar Games is teasing something big on Twitter, which just might confirm a number of rumors that have been circulating regarding upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online. A short video posted has likely revealed what the big end-of-year DLC will be!

Uploaded yesterday afternoon, the brief 12-second video is a promotional advertisement for the Diamond Casino & Resort. The Diamond was already released, you’d think, but this isn’t any regular ad – the video quickly becomes distorted, showing brief glimpses of hijacked security cameras followed by the ASCII logo of none other than Lester Crest, criminal mastermind extraordinaire.


After this brief hacked sequence, the video switches back to your usual, generic advertisement. Captions saying “Score big in Los Santos” and “Experience inspiration” further promote the Diamond, but it’s pretty clear at this point what we should be expecting.

If Lester is involved, this can’t be anything less than a Casino Heist. The idea of a Casino Heist has a long history with GTA 5. Originally rumored to be a part of the single-player storyline, then as the main element of the story DLC that never happened, and finally thought to be a mission in the Diamond DLC, somehow this very fitting piece of content never materialized – until now.

We’re curious how the heist will be explained narratively. Currently, GTA Online players are on the same side as the Diamond’s management, helping them take down a rival family of oil magnates attempting to take over the business, running odd jobs for the Diamond and owning a penthouse in the building. What kind of falling out would lead us to want to rob the place? Will penthouses still be available?

Right now, we don’t know much about this upcoming DLC. Rockstar is, as usual, tight-lipped about details, so we need to wait until next week before we get more info on what to expect.

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Updated: December 5, 2019 — 10:36 pm

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