GTA 5 Fully Playable In VR With Free Mod

While there have been many attempts to mod Grand Theft Auto 5 into a state making it fully playable in virtual reality, none have succeeded quite as spectacularly as this.

Reddit user LukeRoss00 has posted the latest version of his VR mod, which features full functionality, right down to the cutscenes.

The fourth release of the R.E.A.L. GTA 5 mod includes a sweeping list of compatibility features as well as a hugely simplified setup process. It being too complicated to install is no longer an excuse! You can simply unpack the downloaded files – accessible on GitHub – and run a batch file to play GTA 5 in virtual reality. This is just one of the many quality of life improvements implemented in the mod.


Graphical settings can now be updated without requiring the game to be relaunched, and if you have a really high-end rig, you can enable MSAA for the best graphical experience. Multisampling wasn’t supported by previous iterations. If your machine can bear even more of a load, feel free to install your favorite graphical mods – the best known overhauls like NaturalVision Remastered, VisualV, GTA 5 Redux and M.V.G.A are all supported.

The main attraction in this release, however, is the universal FOV fix which allows all cutscenes to be enabled. Finally it is possible to play through the entirety of GTA 5’s story mode in VR while getting the complete experience regardless of what hardware you are running. This fix also helps prevent issues with scripted animations like aiming down sights or getting into vehicles.

A bunch of other small fixes and improvements also show up in this release, largely focusing on solving graphical issues and implementing graphical features. Camera rotation is smoother, screen flickering has been solved and multiple issues regarding post-processing effects have been fixed. In essence, this is an easy-to-install fully functional mod.

Download R.E.A.L. here.

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Updated: February 1, 2020 — 8:59 am

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